Spinach Kale Smoothie a GARDEN DAY HIT!

Today we made smoothies out in the garden as part of garden day at Shepardson. The recipe featured kale and spinach growing in the garden. Here is the recipe for you to enjoy at home, these nutritious smoothies were a big hit with our Shepardson Stars!

Spinach Kale Smoothie

Layer in an 8 cup blender, this makes 60 oz

(adjust accordingly for a smaller batch)

3 cups of apple cider

1 banana

1 handful of fresh spinach

1 handful of fresh kale

2-3 cups of frozen pineapple

1 c. ice cubes

Blend and serve!

Shepardson Students Celebrate Garden Day

This week Shepardson students will be making a special trip out to the garden to create some art work with Allison Straubing and Heidi Priebe.   The final project will be used for an Original Works fundraiser that will benefit the garden maintenance cost. Sales of the personalized art  products will be available for purchase in the spring.  The students will also sample a healthy garden treat and learn about “Jackie” the pumpkin that will be visiting the classrooms during the month of October.

From Garden to Cafeteria

IMG_2853 IMG_2854

Our first batch of produce was harvested  from the garden and prepared to be served in the school cafeteria this past week.  The glorious fresh spinach was picked early last Tuesday morning right at it’s peak of yumminess, washed and served on the salad bar with poppyseed dressing, mandarin oranges and dried cranberries.  A rewarding “Farm to Table” experience for the students at Shepardson.

Winter Garden

DSC05079-2Looks like curious visitors have been checking out the garden.

Dear sleepy garden,

Oh how we can’t wait for the snow to melt.  We know exciting things lie below your blanket of snow.  Patience we must have but oh how hard that is to wait and see what will be revealed.  Soon enough we will get to dig and plant seeds in your soil!

So long sleepy garden, we’ll see you soon!

Shepardson Students