Annual Gulleys Plant Sale

All proceeds for this annual fundraiser go directly to our STEMs of Learning Garden here at Shepardson Elementary.  The fundraiser will take place

Tuesday, May 15 from 9:00 am – Sold Out.

This date also happens to be Spring Zing here at the school so when you are stopping in to volunteer or watch the students participate in the Zing, be sure to stop by the tent in the front lawn and purchase some of the beautiful offerings.  Gulleys Greenhouse is known for their high quality plants and because of their generosity we are able to offer our prices below their retail prices. Once again we will have the ever so popular hanging baskets, succulent dishes as well as herb and vegetable starts.  Selections get picked over quickly so be sure to drop in early and thanks for supporting our school garden!

Plant sale a GREAT success!

A big thanks to our Shep Community for coming out in support of the plant sale benefiting our garden here at Shepardson.  With your generous shopping we raised $1532.25.  We sold  most of our hanging baskets and succulent dishes by noon, which was a great problem but a disappointment to those who stopped by in the afternoon.  Next year we will order more.  Thanks again for your generous support!

coming soon….SPRING PLANT SALE

Tuesday May 10th we will have our Spring Plant Sale with proceeds benefitting the ongoing maintenance of our garden here at Shepardson STEM Elementary.  We will be selling plants from Gulleys Greenhouse.  Gulleys is known for exceptionally high quality plants and we will be offering these at below retail price.  Hanging baskets, succulent gardens, fairy gardens, vegetable and herb starts.  Great for you and great for our school!  Please stop by, we will be selling outside in the front of the school throughout the day.

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Garden Engineers

This February, Shepardson is celebrating Engineering month.  One of the great projects the kids are working on involves a problem we need solved for our school garden.   Our state of Colorado often has snows and certainly cool temps late into the month of April and May preventing us from having our soil warm enough to appreciate a variety of crops before the students leave for Summer holiday.  This week during Engineer month, we will introduce the problem and set the parameters.  The students working collaboratively in small groups, will begin to work on the Design Process to solve the problem.  Here is just some of moments captured in photos of the process.  More pictures to come throughout the week.  Be sure to stop by the Media Center to see the structures that kids have come up with to solve the problem.