Thank You PTO!

Many thanks to the Shepardson PTO for their generous donation  that helped cover the final costs of the picnic tables. We were able to purchase tables for the outdoor classroom with the support of Shepardson families and staff during our spring fundraiser and also the PTO. The tables will be enjoyed by the students for many years to come!

Cool Cucumber Water

Today we had Cool Cucumber Water in the garden.  A fresh new way to encourage drinking water that we know is so important for the health of our bodies.  Here is the recipe to make at home with your Shep Star.  You may substitute whatever veggies and fruits you want for a flavor that suits your family.

Take a pitcher of water and add one sliced cucumber and a sliced lime.  Refrigerate  for a minimum of one hour so the water becomes infused with taste and vitamins of the fruit and vegetable.  Pour over ice and enjoy!

Liquids to solids…making homemade herb butter

Homemade Herb Butter

Take 1/2 c. heavy cream,  pour into a jar with a tight fitting lid.

Shake until the cream thickens.  The solid mass that forms is the butter and the remaining liquid is buttermilk.  Pour off the buttermilk.  Stir in a pinch of salt, your favorite chopped herbs and some lemon zest.  Serve with bread or hot off the grill meats and veggies.  Spread it on toast for a new fun flavor.

Garden Days 2013!

We look forward to our 2nd Annual Garden Days Celebration!  It is scheduled for September 9th and 10th, in order to give all classes more time and space in the garden.  We will be tasting pesto, made from our beautiful basil plants, and will also be making herb butter.  All classes will have an opportunity to explore in the garden and pick a vegetable or herb of their choice to draw and use to create a placemat that will be sent home.  We hope that students will use this placemat and that it will encourage great conversations centered around healthy eating and smart food choices.  Please stop by the garden before or after school and enjoy all that is happening in our amazing school garden!  Volunteers are still needed during the celebration, contact Allison at 970-581-5343 or Heidi at 970-631-3293 if you wish to help.  Happy Harvest!